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Rlon Wang
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Rlon Wang


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City Reflections Andrea Stone

"While visiting Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2011 I became consciously aware of the incredibly beautiful abstract patterns reflected in the windows of the Downtown. I started to associate to the way metal and glass, like structure and openness, represent the tension between elements in modern architecture. While the metal framework demands conformity, the glass reflections seem to explode, almost in defiance of this structure and, in the end, seem to transcend their captors."

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Three Films by Hitchcock, poster tributes by artist Laurent Durieux.

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The Beast of the Apocalypse, for the pizdets calendar
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The Beast of the Apocalypse, for the pizdets calendar

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Alchemy by  DZO Olivier

Greg Ruth
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Greg Ruth

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Tomer Hanuka

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Masao Kinoshita

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Chris Blackstock, “The Lone Stranger.”

Opening July 4th, 2014 at Loakal Gallery in Oakland, California is Chris Blackstock’s solo show, “The Lone Stranger.”  Check out some shots from his studio and some more of the work that will be on display below!

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The Extraordinary Baroque,Gothic Surreal Art of Daniel Merriam

Daniel Merriam is a highly regarded contemporary surrealist and is best known for his dry brush technique and gloriously imaginative style.

"Regarded as one of the world’s foremost watercolorists, Daniel Merriam has captured the hearts and curiosities of collectors worldwide. His paintings are dreams in full color that invite the viewer to join a journey into the imagination, where the worlds of reality and fantasy collide in an explosion of color, shapes and symbolism. Merriam’s unique visions are layered with colorful imagery in a style he calls esthetic dada, reclaiming the territory of romance and dreams for both classical and contemporary art lovers alike. ( Artodyssey )

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